FeedShake is a neat idea for RSS Feeds. What you do is you enter multiple RSS Feeds in the form, each seperated by a space, and when you submit, it will allow you to merge, sort, and filter the RSS Feeds together. FeedShake is a very cool concept that I can see of being help. Maybe for instance if you like to keep up on the news, but don’t like having to have them all seperated. Now you can merge multiple news sources together.

Here is an example feed made using FeedShake with Solution Watch and Venture Nine Blog together. As you can see, I have merged the two and sorted by Date.

I also imagine this to be a good method to include recent posts module on your website using this feed. This would have the latest articles merged from all the blogs merged. Really neat.

View FeedShake – Merge, Sort, and Filter RSS Feeds.

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    Profile – FeedShake

    Company: FeedShake

    Launched: July 21, 2005 (estimated)
    What is it?
    FeedShake is a website that creates a single RSS feed from multiple RSS feeds. You can also filter out posts that contain specified keywords, and/or filter in posts only if they c…

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