Pixeltees is not a new service, but it certainly is one that is worth a mention. Pixeltees is a perfect solution for Pixel Designers that want to make a T-Shirt with a design on it. When you go to the website, click on “Make a Shirt” and you are then presented with a workspace. You are given the basic art program tools such as the pencil tool, line tool, paint bucket, select, scale, copy and paste, etc. Oh, and most importantly, it is Pixel Design, so you do need the Magnifier.

So, you design your T-Shirt. When you are finished, click the Done button on the bottom of the workspace and it will process your T-Shirt with some nice flash animation. Once that is complete, it will bring you to the page that shows your final T-Shirt and gives you the option to purchase it. If you are a member with Pixeltees, you can login to save it to the inventory. You would then have your shirt available for others to purchase.

Above is my shirt that I just created for example. Don’t make fun. Atleast I tried to make something fast for you all. But, it was fun to make, which makes it even better. The shirts are at a price of around 15 dollars, really thats not a bad deal at all. Especially because its custom designed T-Shirts. Pixeltees is a great service and is worth a check. If your not interested in buying a shirt, don’t, just design one and have fun!

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