Billy is my new friend, well.. a Sheep Friends application, really. “Billy is a lightweighted no nonsense audio player that allows you to quickly play an entire directory of MP3 files.” It is a very small and free media player that I am really loving. The response time is immediate, and this is for a reason. Billy doesn’t like to grab all the MP3 information to get the Author and Song names because it takes an application that much longer to process. At first, I was a little skeptic that it takes longer, but really, once you start using it, its pretty noticeable.

It also has some other really nice features that make you think, why don’t these other big media players have this? The main feature that got me is the Queued song listing. You include all the folders you want, but don’t feel like sorting them all in a list. Well, Queue them! You can put them in any order by assigning the queue order that they play. In the screenshot above you can see what I mean. The songs in red are in queue and are marked in the order they play with the number of order on the left. Awesome.

Another feature in the beta release that I really like is the radio feature. You can open an Internet Radio station and play it as any other supported media. But that’s not the cool part. Press NumPad * and it will Record the radio station. Press it again to stop. It works great.

View Billy, Lightweight MP3 Player from Sheep Friends.

4 Comments on “Billy, Lightweight MP3 Player”

  1. Ian says:

    Billy Is The Best Little Mp3 Player Ever So Quick And Fast Iv Been Using It for About A Year And Advise Everyone Else To Use It The Only Thing Im Bored Of Is The Same Skin A New One Wud Be Good :)

  2. Willie says:

    Wow, finally someone who didn’t lose his music player in a feature contest. Just installed it, it looks very sharp.

  3. Elf says:

    Have you tried foobar2000?

  4. Gaurav says:

    Hi …i am using this player for almost 4 years now … and i still use it …its the best … so light weight … which is what i needed…..