Zazzle, the great company that allows you to create a number of products with your own designs, has recently released a new feature called, Zazzle Stamps. Zazzle Stamps is very similar to PhotoStamps, from what I can see. You are given the ability to upload your own image and then customizing it by rotating, flipping, scaling, moving, and centering the image within a Stamps figure. You can also choose a background and border color for the stamp so it can fit the design you want.

There are a few features that make Zazzle Stamps unique. I liked the feature that you can upload multiple images and then include multiple images inside of your current stamps workspace (design area). This is good because you may have two separate images that you wish to be on the stamp. You are also able to add your own text, which is different from PhotoStamps as well.

The only thing that I do not like about Zazzle Stamps is that it is an image based editor, unlike PhotoStamps, which is flash based. When making a small adjustment of moving the graphic up in the stamp, it will have to reload the whole stamp to show the results. With PhotoStamps, it is in Flash, and when you make an adjustment, it is immediate without having to reload anything.

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