gOffice is still in beta, but what it has worked out so far and what it has coming is great. gOffice is a Browser Based Office Suite. You know what that means? Well, you don’t have to install some big files just to use a Word Processor, Desktop Publishing tools, Spreadsheets (in making), or Presentations (in making). I personally feel that gOffice is the next big step for Office Suits.

Accessible anywhere, completely free, very simple, and you don’t have to download anything except the documents you want that you created! For the Word Processor, you are presented with a WYSIWYG editor (What you see is what you get), much like any word processing application. When your done typing everything out, go to the letter heads page and choose a snazzy looking template, or plain if you want. Click “View Document,” then print. That is all to it.

You know what else is nice? You can call them and get FREE Tech Support. So, lets see… You get a free Office Suite that is accessible anywhere with a compatible browser, choice of Word Processing, Desktop Publishing, Presentations (soon), and Spreadsheets (soon). You get free Tech Support, the ability to save your documents and print them whenever you’d like in PDF format. What a great company.

gOffice, Free Browser Based Office Suite.

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